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To see more pictures of me click here.

Welcome to the page where you learn all about Tommy. I currently reside in Eastern Tennessee for the moment. I've moved back to home due to family issues, but things are going to be fine, don't worry about me, now that I am going to be an uncle. Things are going great as I'm currently working in sales.

The injuries I suffered from a car wreck almost two years ago have all but faded from my life well except for back pain every once in a while, but a nice massage always helps it out ;)

I'm 23 years old now as well, a far cry from when I created this site at the age of 16, of course I do not have the time to make this website look as extravagant as others out there, but hey it's got what you came here to see, maybe.....

This page is a tiny part of my main page that focuses on Madonna which you can link to here. I've always had this fascination for Madonna all of my life. I mean, I am as old as her career, but I do have other interests also which are explored/explained here. You can also read more about me at my journal

I have lots of friends online, so I talk to them, I also spend some time in the chat rooms, updating this site, and looking at certain websites on the various interests that I have. My room is making more space for tons of cds and DVDs and the collections are rising. I have posters on the walls of Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Lucille Ball, and Janet Jackson.

I absolutely adore music. The cds I am currently listening to the most are as follows:

Re-invention Tour Atlanta-Madonna
American Life-Madonna
Auf Der Maur-Melissa Auf Der Maur
Say You Will-Fleetwood Mac
Body Language-Kylie Minogue
Stripped-Christina Aguilera
Beautiful Garbage-Garbage
Afterglow-Sarah McLachlan
In The Zone-Britney Spears
Neon Nights-Dannii Minogue
and many many more....

Final Fantasy X has to be one of the best games ever created. I have beaten the game, so I can once again say I've completed every Final Fantasy game released. The animated pics on this page are a variety of characters from the Final Fantasy series. Those are my favorite games to play and I have been playing them since they started over 12 years ago. Other good links for those sites are: FFOnline. I also play some other video game series such as Parasite Eve, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Tekken. Mortal Kombat and Secret of Mana are classic favorites of mine, my all-time favorite game which I am very good at is Mrs. Pac Man :) I'm currently playing Final Fantasy X-2. I'm also currently playing Super Mario Sunshine, another great Mario game :)

My favorite sport to watch is Figure Skating. Michelle Kwan is #1 in my eyes.

Some of my favorite films include:

The Craft
Death Becomes Her
Resident Evil
Star Wars Saga
Star Trek The Next Generation Films
Girl, Interrupted
Steel Magnolias
Tomb Raider
A League of Their Own
Dick Tracy
Desperately Seeking Susan
Miss Congeniality
Riding In Cars With Boys
Disney's Sleeping Beauty
Scream Trilogy

The Craft features an actress that I adore, Fairuza Balk is awesome, visit her website Fairuza .

I've also been getting back into reading books, Anne Rice is my favorite author, my favorite comedianne, Margaret Cho, has released a book entitled I'm The One That I Want and it is excellent, highly recommended.

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about me. If you want to learn more or have any questions: Email me at maverickboi@yahoo.com